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About League Hub

League Hub at DraftKings is a free manager for your ESPN season-long fantasy league. Easily collect entry fees and manage payouts using our 100% safe-and-secure payment options. It’s the perfect season-long fantasy companion. To use League Hub, all members of your league must meet eligibility requirements and sign up for a DraftKings account. DraftKings is required to issue 1099 tax form(s) to any player who has a cumulative net profit in excess of $600 for that calendar year. This includes profits from League Hub and profits from any daily contests. Terms of Use

Set Up Your League

Connect to your season-long league, then set your entry fee, deadline, LM fund, and prize structure

Invite League Members

Invite the teams from your season-long league to start collecting entry fees

Manage Payouts

Payout the winners at the end of the season directly into their DraftKings accounts for easy withdrawal

How entry-fee collection works

The payment status for each league member is tracked on your league page. You can set a custom entry-fee deadline when creating your league.

League fees are collected and held for payout at the end of the season with the safe-and-secure online payment options at DraftKings.

How the deadline works

Every team in the league must pay their entry fee by the deadline set by the League Manager or the league is cancelled and all fees are refunded. The League Manager can change the deadline at any time prior to the end of the season.

How payout works

You define the payout structure when creating a new league. You can set up prizes for traditional playoff finishes, or get creative with your league’s awards by choosing from custom prizes like weekly winners, most points, best record, and more. Give yourself approval power, or send the payout to a league majority vote.

At the end of the season, the League Manager distributes prizes to the winners that can easily be withdrawn from their DraftKings balance. DraftKings is required to issue 1099 tax form(s) to any player who has a cumulative net profit in excess of $600 for that calendar year.

The League Manager has 60 days from the end of the season to set a payout. The season end date is the last day of your sport’s regular season. In a majority-approval league, league members will have five days from when the LM sets a payout to cast a vote of Approve or Disapprove. The payout is distributed as soon as a majority approves.

If the majority of league members disapprove of the payout or if there is a tie at the end of the five days, the payout will be reset and the LM will have to set a new payout. If a payout is not approved by the end of the 60-day period, all fees will be refunded to the league members’ DraftKings accounts.

Play daily games with your league for cash

Your league page at DraftKings is also the perfect place to challenge league members to daily fantasy contests and take advantage of exclusive DraftKings offers throughout the season.

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