PLAY more.
earn more. enjoy more.

Now you can get more rewards just for doing everything you love on DraftKings.
The more contests you enter, Missions you complete and Achievements
you unlock, the more rewards you’ll earn.

What you earn

(Formerly FPPs)

Every dollar you spend entering paid contests earns you 1 Crown (minimum $1 entry). Crowns determine your Daily Rewards Status Tier each month and can be used to directly enter contests or to purchase merchandise in the DK Shop.

Contest tickets

Tickets allow you to enter some of the biggest, most exciting contests on DraftKings for free. And once you're in, you've got a shot to take home some impressive cash prizes.

DK Dollars

DK Dollars act like cash when used for entry into any contest. Use them to get into your favorite contests or to try your hand at a new sport.

How to earn your rewards

Draftkings Achievements

Earn Achievements

Check off Achievements all season long and get rewarded. The more milestones you hit within each specific Achievement, the more rewards you’ll earn. Reach all the milestones to join an exclusive club of players that have completed the Achievement.

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Earn enough Crowns to achieve a Daily Rewards Status Tier in any given month and receive daily rewards for the following month.

Enter Paid Contests

Every dollar you spend on entering paid contests earns you 1 Crown (minimum $1 entry). Check out today’s most popular contests.


Complete missions to stack up rewards faster and
boost your Daily Rewards Status Tier.

Spend your crowns in the DK Shop


What are Crowns?
Crowns (formerly FPPs) are a form of currency that DraftKings players use to directly enter contests and to purchase merchandise in the DK Shop. How many Crowns you earn each month also determines your Daily Rewards Status Tier for the next month. The more you play, the more Crowns you earn.

Crowns can only be used on DraftKings or in the DK Store and have no cash value.
What’s happening to my FPPs?
FPPs have been renamed Crowns. Your balance will remain the same, and Crowns may be spent just as FPPs have been in the past.
What are Daily Rewards?
Daily Rewards can be claimed every day, just by logging in and continuing to play. Your Daily Rewards are determined by the Player Status Tier you earned in the previous month. If you improve your Player Status Tier, your rewards for the following month will also improve.

Note: As long as your Player Status Tier is Bronze or above (by earning 100 Crowns or more in the previous month), you will be able to claim a reward every day that you log in for the month. You may view your rewards on your Daily Rewards calendar on the DraftKings app or at
Are Daily Rewards replacing Missions?
Missions have not changed; you may still start and complete Missions as normal. Learn more about Missions here.
What kind of rewards may I get daily?
Daily Rewards may be anything from Crowns to contest tickets to DK Dollars. Rewards change and increase in value the higher your Player Status Tier. The more Crowns you earn, the more rewards you'll earn each month.
How do I know what Daily Rewards Status Tier I’ve earned?
Check out your Daily Rewards page to see what Status Tier you've earned for this month, and to check your progress toward next month's Status Tier.
If I spend my Crowns, do I drop into a lower Status Tier?
No. Daily Rewards Status Tiers are based on total Crowns earned during each month, not your Crown balance.
How and when can I claim my Daily Rewards?
You may claim your rewards by logging into our app or website and clicking your Daily Rewards. You may view your Daily Rewards through the Home Screen on our app, or through the Rewards page on our website.
What happens if I miss a Daily Reward?
For Daily Rewards, each reward is tied to a specific day. If you miss a day, you can't claim that day's reward. Make sure you claim your reward on DraftKings every day to receive all the rewards you've earned.
What are Achievements?
We think you should be rewarded for your successes on DraftKings. Achievements reward you for the milestones you hit and cool things you accomplish. You can track your Achievements here, and more sports are coming soon!
How many Crowns does it take to enter a contest?
The number of Crowns needed to enter a contest depends on the contest entry fee. When entering a contest with Crowns, we’ll let you know how many Crowns you’ll be spending and will only deduct that much from your account.
Will my Crowns be refunded if contests don’t run or I withdraw?
If you enter a contest with Crowns and it doesn’t run or you withdraw, you’ll be refunded DK Dollars — not Crowns. DK Dollars have no cash value and must be played on DraftKings. Once a Crown transaction is made, it cannot be reversed.

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