Frequently Asked Questions


What Is DraftKings?

DraftKings, Inc. is a leading skill-based Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) gaming destination for fans in North America to compete in single-day online games for cash and prizes across the largest variety of professional and collegiate sports.  DraftKings is the exclusive DFS partner of Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, Major League Soccer, NASCAR and Ultimate Fighting Championship.  Founded in 2012 by CEO Jason Robins, CRO Matt Kalish and COO Paul Liberman, DraftKings is headquartered in Boston, Mass.

Is Playing On DraftKings Legal?

Legal residents physically located in any of the 50 states and Washington DC, excluding Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Nevada, and Washington are eligible to open an account and participate in contests offered by the Website. Legal residents of Arizona, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, and Washington (the "Excluded States") are ineligible for prizes offered by the Website. Residents of the Excluded States are eligible to open and maintain accounts on the Website for use only in games that do not offer prizes.  

What Types of Contests Do you Offer?

  • GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) Contests – GPP's are contests that payout the entire prize pool, regardless if the contest fills or not. These contests are labeled in orange text in the contest lobby.
  • Leagues- League contests will close automatically if they do not fill to capacity. Entry fees will automatically be refunded if contests are cancelled. These contests are labeled white text in the contest lobby.
  • Head-to-Head- Winner takes all in these one-on-one contests. 
  • 50/50’s –  Teams finishing in the top-half of the field win cash no matter the number of entries.
  • Qualifier Contests –  Win tickets that can be used for free entry into a higher stakes contest
  • Multipliers- Great way for a bankroll boost! Win 3x TO 10x your entry fee in these contests.
  • Steps- Advance at each step by winning a ticket to the next level. Jump in at Step 1 for just $2.00 and work your way to Step 4 to win cash!
  • Beginner- Play against other beginners in up to 50 contests for each sport. Once you reach that limit, per sport, these contests will no longer be available to enter.
  • Multi-Match Head-to-Head-  Contest enters you into 20 unique Head-to-Head matchups, under one entry, where you win cash with each win.  The prize structure mimics the payout you would receive if you played each person in a single Head-to-head contest. 20 people will win cash in this 21 person tournament.
  • Freeroll Contests – These contests are free to enter and any winnings will be paid with Entry Tickets or DraftKings Dollars

Account Management

What should I do if my account has been Misallocated, compromised or otherwise mishandled?

If you believe your account has been misallocated, compromised or mishandled please contact for assistance. Please provide all pertinent information related to your claim and a dedicated member of our Customer Service team will address your support ticket within 24 hours. If your support ticket cannot be resolved to your satisfaction by a Customer Service Representative, you may request escalation of the ticket to a Customer Service Supervisor.

Does DraftKings Prevent Commingling of Funds Between Consumer Accounts and Company Operating Expenses?

DraftKings keep all player funds in a segregated player account which is never comingled with our operating business expenses, or any other accounts

How Does DraftKings Prevent Unauthorized Withdrawals From My Account?

All DraftKings users are subject to an automated Knowledge Base Authentication (KBA) verification process provided whenever a user attempts to withdraw funds. This process asks a series of at least four multiple choice questions about the person’s life, such as known relatives, previous addresses, and to enter their last 4 digits of their Tax ID or Social Security Number. In the event of a dispute as to the identity of a customer, DraftKings can and does require its users to produce a copy of their driver’s license, credit cards, utility bills or passport for identity verification. If a customer cannot validate their identity and account, DraftKings will not release the funds from the account.

Can I Use a Form of Payment Belonging to Someone Else in Order to Deposit Into My Account?

DraftKings does not allow account holders to use any form of payment belonging to other individuals to fund their account. The name registered with any DraftKings account must match the name on the form of payment at the time of deposit or winnings will be considered invalid and the account may be closed. For example, an account holder may not use someone else’s credit card on their DraftKings account.

How Are Refunds or Withdrawals Handled for Closed Accounts?

If any consumer chooses to close his or her DraftKings account, we will refund all funds in the account before the close of business on the next full business day. If an account is closed prior to the conclusion of a customer’s live contest(s) any and all winnings generated from DraftKings contest will be distributed to the consumer within five business days after the contest ends.

How is My Information Protected?

All of DraftKings confidential information is safeguarded by SSL (Secure Socket Layer), as represented by the padlock visible on your browser’s address tab. This ensures the security of any and all private information provided by the website. We encrypt all our private customer information, available to our staff only when pertinent.

Can I Register More Than One Account?

DraftKings prohibits users from opening up more than one account, in order to ensure fair play and uphold the integrity of our contests. If for some reason you forget your password or username please contact us and an agent will be happy to assist you with retrieving that information.

Please note: if the same individual sets up multiple accounts, DraftKings will deactivate all accounts except one, and any potential winnings may not be honored from all accounts. Any accounts that are set up illegitimately will be deactivated and winnings will not be honored.

Can I Permanently Close My Account at Any Time For Any Reason?

Yes, should you decide to close your account at any time for any reason, please contact our Customer Service team. We’ll be able to assist you in closing your account over email or through our dedicated Customer Service Contact Center.

Can I Change My Username?

Generally, we do not change usernames, though we treat each request individually. Let us know the specific details of your request and we will get back to you promptly.

What Information is Required to Open a DraftKings Account?

In order to register an Account you are required to provide your full name, address, date of birth, email address and telephone number.  If your identity cannot be validated, you will be required to submit additional information or documentation.

Deposits Withdrawals  Bonuses

What Can I Use To Deposit?

■      DraftKings accepts all major credit/debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

■      PayPal

■      Visa, MasterCard and American Express giftcards are also accepted on DraftKings


**You may only deposit funds into your DraftKings account with a payment method registered in your name.**

How Can I Increase My Deposit Limit?

We require all users, who wish to have their deposit limit increased fax the following to 617-500-9915 or send snapshots of the following to

  • Photocopy of license or any other state issued id
  • An image of a utility bill in your name within the past 60 days
  • Your DraftKings Username

Important: Please do not send images of your credit card.

How Do I Submit A Withdrawal Request?

Go to your My Account page, click on "Withdrawal" on the left hand side of the page and follow the instructions to submit your request!

What Is Your Withdrawal Policy?

Any withdrawal requests, after approved by DraftKings, will be credited back to the same credit card or method of payment (PayPal, Gift Card) used to deposit funds on the Website dating back 3-months in chronological order. DraftKings will only release withdrawals to a different credit card or other payment method other than that which was used to make deposit(s) after the aggregate amount of such deposit(s) has already been released back to the credit card(s) or payment method(s) used for the deposit(s).

*If you have cancelled your credit or debit card that you have used in the past to deposit on DraftKings, please contact our customer support team prior to requesting your withdrawal.

How Long Do Withdrawals Take?

Our Accounting Department processes withdrawals Monday - Friday from 9 AM-5 PM. Any withdrawal requests that come in after 5 PM on Friday will be processed in the order that they were received starting the following Monday. Once our Accounting Department processes your withdrawal request (you'll receive a confirmation email), it typically takes anywhere from 2-8 business days for your funds to appear in your account. If you request a check it can take 2-3 weeks for delivery.

How Do I Get My Deposit Bonus?

The deposit bonus releases in increments of $1 for every 25 Frequent Player Points (FPP's) you earn through contest entries. FPP’s earned through any bonus offers or Missions rewards do not count towards your deposit bonus release. FPP's are earned when joining any paid contest on the site. You do not receive FPP's when you enter free contests. You cannot directly access your deposit bonus to enter contests.You must release it $1.00 at a time by participating in our contests. The deposit bonus is a rewards based offer which encourages our users to participate frequently in our contests.

What Is a Frequent Player Point?

Frequent Player Points (FPPs) are points you earn upon the start of every paid contest you enter on, whether you win or lose. FPPs awarded vary per contest type (displayed on the Draft page) and are not earned for playing in FREE ENTRY games. The more contests you join and money you spend, the more FPPs you earn. 

Does My Deposit Bonus Expire?

All deposit bonuses have a duration of four months from the date of initial deposit. If your deposit bonus is set to expire prior to you being able to earn the totality of it, please contact our customer support team.

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on My DFS Earnings?

Declaration and payment of all income taxes associated contest winnings are the sole responsibility of the contest winner. DraftKings collects W-9s from customers in order to comply with state and federal tax laws. DraftKings issues form 1099-MISC to customers with reportable income of at least $600 in any calendar year



How Do Steps Contests Work?

Steps tournaments are a 4-level series of contests with continually higher buy-ins, peaking with huge cash prizes at the last step. For more information, see the Steps Tourney page.

Can I Withdraw An Entry From A Contest?

Users can withdraw from any contest as long as they meet the following conditions:


·         Users may unregister from unfilled Head-to-Head or League contests at any time.

·         Users may unregister from Guaranteed games until 15 minutes before start time. 

·         Users may NOT unregister from a filled Head to Head contest.

·         Users may NOT unregister from a filled league games.


Go  to the "My Contests" page and click on the "Edit" tab under the lineup column you will be directed to the Draft Lobby of that contest. From there you will see a green "Withdraw Entry" link in the upper right hand corner of the screen. If you click that link, you will be removed from the contest.

If you are using our App, in order to remove an entry from a upcoming contest (you must have a lineup submitted), go to the "Upcoming" tab and then click on "Edit Entry". From there, click on the Information Icon (the lowercase i) and select "withdraw entry".

How Do I Limit The Number of Contests Another Player Can Join From My H2H Challenges?

Use the limit selector on the Create Head-to-Head Challenge popup to limit the number of times a player can accept your challenges of that type (Sport, time and entry fee).  For example, if you create 5 challenges and set the limiter to 1, all five challenges will be against different users, assuming all five challenges are accepted. Conversely, if you create 5 challenges and set the limiter to unlimited, you could end up playing the same user in all five challenges, assuming one user accepted all five challenges.

What Happens If I Enter A Multi-Entry Contest And Win In Multiple Places?

You will receive your winnings for each spot that places in the contest.

What Happens If A Real-Life Game Is Cancelled/Delayed/Postponed?

Cancellations and Postponements are treated differently for several sports. Please visit the respective Contest Rules page for each sport offered to view the Cancellation and Postponement policy(s).

What Are DraftKings Dollars?

DraftKings Dollars are cash-equivalent site credits that you can use for entry into any real money contest on the site. Think of it as a DraftKings gift card that you can use in real money contests. All freerolls with cash prizes and offer bonuses on DraftKings are paid out in DraftKings Dollars. DraftKings Dollars cannot be withdrawn, and can only be used for site contests. Payouts in real money contests are always paid out in real cash.

What Does It Mean If I Win A Entry Ticket?

Entry tickets serve as a free entry into a specific contest. You can receive entry tickets by winning them in specific DraftKings contests or purchasing them in the VIP Store. Upon submitting your lineup into a ticket specific contest, your ticket will be automatically redeemed as way of entry. To view which contests your ticket is redeemable for, go to the My Account page (using a desktop/laptop device), click My Tickets (on the left hand side) and then the "Redeem" button.

What If I Have Unredeemed Tickets For A Contest That Has Passed?

If the contest in question did not fill, your unredeemed tickets will be voided and no refund will be issued.

If the contest in question filled, and you were unable to redeem your ticket, we will refund the value of your ticket (or tickets) in DK Dollars.

What Happens If Two Users Tie In A Contest?

If there is a tie at the end of the contest, users included in the tie will evenly split the related prize pool. For example, if two users tie for 1st place, and 1st place pays $20 and 2nd place pays $10, we add the combine places then split that among  the tied parties. Each would receive  $15.00.

*If the prize is a ticket, the value of the ticket (or tickets) will be split.

When Do Lineup Entries and Edits Close?

Contest entry will close approximately one minute before the start of the first game in the contest. You can edit your full roster as many times as you like before the contest closes and begins. After this point, you can continue to edit and swap any player up until the start of their individual game time. Player editing locks when the scheduled start time for their game begins. Player editing will NOT be available when and if a game is delayed or postponed.

Glossary of Terms

Injury Abbreviations:

  • DTD- Day-toDay
  • 7Day- 7 Day DL (Disabled List)
  • 15Day- 15 Day DL
  • 60Day- 60 Day DL
  • IR- Injured Reserve
  • P- Probable
  • Q- Questionable 
  • D- Doubtful 
  • O- Out


Other Abbreviations:

  • Opp- Opponent 
  • OPRK- Opponent Rank for average fantasy points given up against a position
    (e.g. when a player has "16th" listed in the OPRK column it means his opponent is ranked "16th" in the league against that position.)
  • FPTS- Fantasy Points
  • FPPG- Fantasy Points Per Game
  • PMR/PIR/PHR- Player Minutes/Innings/Holes Remaining


What happens if users tie in a Survivor contest?

For each round of the contest, a percentage of entrants will be eliminated based on their scores in that round’s contest and the remaining entrants will continue on to the next round to compete. Each round, a user will have to draft a new set of players to continue to play. In the event a user does not draft his or her team for a given round, he or she will play with an empty team for that day, therefore forfeiting his or her position. Winners will be awarded Entry Tickets to the next round of the contest and the ticket will automatically redeem upon credit.  Note: Our system currently automatically breaks up the cash value of tickets that are tied for and evenly distributes these among all tied contestants. In the event of a tie these credits will be reversed after the completion of the contest before entries to the next day are manually credited.


*Tiebreakers: If one or more entrants tie in any round, one tied entry per user will move on to the next round.  This will then continue on to the second entry per user and so on until all of the spots are filled for the next round.  In the event multiple users tie for the last spot in the next round, the tie will be broken based on the lineup with the highest scoring non-matching/individual player of the two lineups. For example, if Player A and Player B tied, and Player A’s best player was David Ortiz with 30 fantasy points, and Player B’s best player was Matt Kemp with 28 fantasy points, then player A would be judged the winner.  In the event that both teams have the same best player, it will proceed down to the next highest player in each roster.  In the event of twoidentical rosters, the user who entered the first round of the survivor contest the earliest will move on to the next round.  

What Happens If One Of My Players Is Injured/Is Out/Doesn't Play?

In the event that one of your players does not play, that player will receive 0 points. The player may be swapped up until the scheduled start time of his game.

How Are Contests Scored?

Our contests have a points-based scoring format. Please see the specific sport for details:

How Do I Enter Contests?

DraftKings offers a variety of contests, all available to enter directly from our home page. Choose your game and buy-in preference, and select the game of your choice to enter.


How and When Will I Get Paid?

Payments are made in the form of DraftKings dollars, deposited directly into your DraftKings account.  These deposits cannot be withdrawn as cash, but can be used to pay for entry into any of our contests.   The deposits will be made before the 15th of every month, but you need to have earned at least $10 in the last pay period for payment to be processed (earnings under $10 will not be lost, but will just carry forward to next pay period).

How Do You Determine How Much I Have Earned?

Every time you send a referral to our site by having them click YOUR link, and they play a deposit game, you earn a share of the cost of their entry.  For 2015, you can earn 35% on every referral – unmatched in the industry – simply by getting us two new referrals per 30 days (if this target is not met, the share of revenue shifts to 20%).

How Much Money Can I Make?

The amount you can earn depends entirely on the number of players you send our way. Please note that the income level can vary widely from one person to another.  Simply put, the more you send customers our way and encourage referrals to deposit and play, the more you can earn.  There is no cap on the number of players you can recruit, and therefore no limit to the amount of money you can make.

How Do I Keep Track of How Much I've Earned?

All you have to do is use your standard DraftKings username and password to log in to the site, and then click “Refer A Friend” right from our homepage. Once you reach the Refer A Friend page, all the information you’ll need is available at a glance. Not only can you easily send new referrals from this page, you can also easily track your performance. You will see your current rate, what you can expect in your next monthly payout, and how close you are to unlocking a prize. You can also see which referrals have signed up and which have not so you know who needs another nudge to get in on the action.

Your lifetime performance is also recorded, and can be easily accessed through the “My Accounts” page. All of the referral income you have earned will be displayed under “Payment History.”

Player Rewards

When Will The FPPs I Earn From Completing Missions Be Credited To My Account?

All mission rewards must be claimed. When the contest which satisfies your daily mission begins, please return to the Missions homepage to claim your reward. Once claimed, your FPPs will be credited to your account immediately. 

When Will Flash Bonus Contests Appear In The Lobby?

There’s no set schedule.  Flash Bonus contests will spontaneously show up in the lobby, so keep your eyes peeled and get in before they fill!

Where Can I See How Many FPPs I have Earned So Far This Month?

We will send this information to players over email.  Please make sure you are opted-in to our emails so you’re able to receive your updates. To opt in to these emails, please click here and check the check box to opt in to emails.

Will FPP’s I Earn Through Missions Release My Deposit Bonus?

FPPs earned through missions will not count toward deposit bonus release. Only FPPs earned through contest entry will release your deposit bonus. 

With the Change in Rewards, What happens to how my Deposit Bonus Will Release?

Your deposit bonus will continue to release at the same rate (or faster) as it has in the past, relative to entry fees paid into contests.

To reflect the change in FPPs earned for entering paid contests, we have increased the rate at which FPPs release deposit bonuses.  Previously, deposit bonuses released in increments of $1 for every 100 FPPs earned through contest entry.  With this change, deposit bonuses will now release in increments of $1 for every 25 FPPs earned through contest entry.

Does the Change in Player Rewards Impact the FPPs That I Already Have?

No.  The points that you already have will remain completely intact, and the prices for items in the VIP Store will not change as a part of this redesign.

What are Frequent Player Points?

Frequent Player Points (FPPs) are points earned for playing on DraftKings that can be redeemed in our VIP Store for contest tickets and cool DraftKings apparel and merchandise.  FPPs are earned by playing paid contests and/or completing missions.

VIP Store

How do I spend Frequent Player Points (FPPs)?

  1.  Spend FPPs on apparel and merchandise in store
  2.  Spend FPPs on tickets to DraftKings contests in the store
  3. Take advantage of exclusive experiences and memorabilia available only to DK users

Are there any sales taxes or shipping fees on any items?

The prices listed in the VIP Store include all shipping and taxes.


Do I have to pay taxes when I redeem FPPs?

DraftKings is required to issue 1099 tax forms to any player who has a cumulative net profit in excess of $600 for the calendar year. Any prizes received through FPP redemption are included in a player’s cumulative net profit.

Can I choose to ship a product to a different address?

Absolutely! When you click the button to buy your item in the store, you will be shown a confirmation screen where you can edit the address where you would like the item to be shipped.

I just bought something awesome from the VIP Store. How long will it take for my item to be delivered?

Please allow 4-6 weeks from the time that you place your order for delivery. If you don’t receive your item in 6 weeks, please contact us at

Can items be purchased from the store with real money?

Yes!  You can use PayPal to pay with cash for many of the store items.  However, some of our more exclusive items and experiences are only available for purchase using FPPs.

Do I need a DraftKings account to shop at the VIP Store?

Yes.  The store is only accessible by DraftKings users.

Can I alter or cancel an order after it has been placed?

If you want to alter or cancel an order, please contact customer service at as soon as possible. If the order has not been processed, we may be able to accommodate your request.

What is your return policy for store merchandise?

We want you to be thrilled with your store purchase.  If your order is incorrect or you have any problems with purchased items, please contact us at and we will gladly arrange for an exchange or a return for a full refund.  For return shipping, we’ll provide you a pre-paid shipping label, so there will be no cost to you.

What is your exchange/cancellation policy for experiences purchased through the store?

Due to the planning, coordination, and tickets and reservations involved, we do not accept returns or exchanges on experiences purchased through the store.  Cancellations will not be refunded.

League Hub

How do I change my payout structure, number of teams, or deadline for paying league dues?

Contact DraftKings Support and they will delete your League Hub league and allow you to re-create it with your new preferences.

Will I be charged a fee for using League Hub?

You will not be charged any fee for using League Hub. If you are in a 10-person league at $100 a person, your league's overall prize-pool at season completion will be $1,000. DraftKings is required to issue 1099 tax form(s) to any player who has a cumulative net profit in excess of $600 for that calendar year.  This includes profits from League Hub and profits from any daily contests.


What happens if my league does not fill by the entry-fee deadline?

The league will cancel and all entry fees will be refunded in full.

What are my payment options for League Hub?

You can pay by going through the normal DraftKings deposit flow - all major credit cards are accepted. You can pay with your existing DraftKings balance or deposit new funds to pay your entry fee.


How long after the season ends will my winnings be credited to my account?

In a majority-approval league, members will have five days from when the League Manager sets a payout to cast a vote of Approve or Disapprove. The payout will be distributed as soon as the majority approves. If the majority of the league members disapprove or there is a tie, the payout will be reset and the League Manager will have to set a new payout. If a new payout is not approved by the end of the 60-day period, all fees will be refunded in full to the league members' DraftKings accounts.

In commissioner approved leagues, payouts will go out as soon as the League Manager approves.


How do I reset my password?

How do I view my transaction history?

My account has been compromised - who do I reach out to?

Please contact our Customer Support team for immediate assistance.

Updated Policy on Employee Participation

Are DraftKings employees allowed to participate in Public contests on DraftKings? How do I know I am not playing against a DraftKings employee with "insider information"?

 DraftKings employees are not allowed to participate in public contests on the DraftKings site. 

What steps is DraftKings taking to ensure that employees are not inappropriately using “insider information”?

We have engaged a legal team from Greenberg Traurig, led by former United States Attorney John Pappalardo, to conduct a thorough review to help strengthen our existing policies and controls and ensure a level-playing field.

How do I know that employees of other DFS sites are not using confidential data to help them beat me in contests on DraftKings?

DraftKings has implemented a policy prohibiting employees from other DFS sites from playing in any DraftKings contests that are open to the public.

What about DraftKings analysts/pros? Can they still play on your site and other DFS sites?

DraftKings analysts/pros are contracted media talent and have no access to any DraftKings data systems. Because of this, they can still play on the site.

How do I know that DraftKings employees that DO have access to confidential information won’t use it to their advantage on other DFS sites?

DraftKings has implemented a policy permanently prohibiting all DraftKings employees from participating in public contests on all DFS sites.

What if it’s discovered that other DFS site employees used internal data to their advantage on DraftKings. What will happen? Will I get my money back?

We will take strong and immediate action based on the specific circumstances. We currently have no evidence that this has occurred.

Is DraftKings regulated by the state or federal government?

Daily Fantasy Sports (“DFS”) is not currently regulated by the federal government or any state government. Fantasy Sports is not currently regulated by the federal government or any state government.

Is daily fantasy sports considered legalized gambling?

Daily fantasy sports is a skill-based game and is not considered gambling in the jurisdictions where we operate.

Does DraftKings support the regulation of DFS?

We are open to the discussion. 

Contact Us

Other Questions?

To contact a team member, please email and we will get back to you quickly. 


Customer Support Business hours

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■      Monday - 9am-11pm EST

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