Frequently Asked Questions


What Is DraftKings?

DraftKings, Inc. is a leading skill-based Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) gaming destination for fans in North America and the United Kingdom to compete in single-day online games for cash and prizes across the largest variety of professional and collegiate sports.  DraftKings is the exclusive DFS partner of Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, Major League Soccer, NASCAR and Ultimate Fighting Championship.  Founded in 2012 by CEO Jason Robins, CRO Matt Kalish and COO Paul Liberman, DraftKings’ headquarters are in Boston, Mass. with marketing offices in New York City and London.

Is Playing On DraftKings Legal?

You must be at least 18 years old to open an account, participate in contests, or win prizes offered by the Website. Legal residents of the United Kingdom are eligible to open an account and participate in competitions offered by the Website. 

What Types of Contests Do you Offer?

  • GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) Contests – GPP's are contests that pay out the entire prize pool, regardless of whether the competition fills up or not. These contests are labelled in orange text in the contest lobby.


  • Leagues - League contests will close automatically if they are not full and entry fees will be automatically refunded. These contests are labelled in white text in the contest lobby.


  • Head-to-Head - Winner takes all in these one-on-one contests. 


  • 50/50’s – Teams finishing in the top-half of the competition win cash no matter the number of entries.


  • Qualifier Contests – Win tickets that can be used for free entry into a higher stakes contest.


  • Multipliers - Great way to boost your bankroll! Win three-to-ten times your entry fee in these contests.


  • Steps- Get through to the next round at each step by winning a ticket. Jump in at Step 1 for just $2.00 and work your way to Step 4 to win cash!


  • Beginner- Play against other beginners in up to 50 contests for each sport. Once you reach that limit, per sport, these contests will no longer be available to enter.


  • Multi-Match Head-to-Head - Your one entry includes 20 unique head-to-head match-ups where you win cash with each win. The prize structure mimics the payout you would receive if you played each person in a single head-to-head contest. 20 people will win cash in this 21 person tournament.


  • Freeroll Contests – These contests are free to enter and any winnings will be paid with Entry Tickets or DraftKings Dollars


What should I do if my account has been Misallocated, compromised or otherwise mishandled?

If you believe your account has been misallocated, compromised or mishandled please contact customer support for assistance. Please provide all pertinent information related to your claim and a dedicated member of our Customer Service team will address your support ticket within 24 hours. If your support ticket cannot be resolved to your satisfaction by a Customer Service Representative, you may request escalation of the ticket to a Customer Service Supervisor.

Can I Use a Form of Payment Belonging to Someone Else in Order to Deposit Into My Account?

DraftKings does not allow account holders to use any form of payment belonging to other individuals to fund their account. The name registered with any DraftKings account must match the name on the form of payment at the time of deposit or winnings will be considered invalid and the account may be closed. For example, an account holder may not use someone else’s credit card on their DraftKings account.

How is My Information Protected?

All of DraftKings confidential information is safeguarded by SSL (Secure Socket Layer), as represented by the padlock visible on your browser’s address tab. This ensures the security of any and all private information provided by the website. We encrypt all our private customer information, available to our staff only when pertinent.

What Information is Required to Open a DraftKings Account?

In order to register an Account you are required to provide your full name, address, date of birth, email address and telephone number.  If your identity cannot be validated, you will be required to submit additional information or documentation.

Can I Change My Username?

Generally, we do not change usernames, though we treat every request individually. Let us know the specific details of your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How Do I Reset My Password?

  • Click ‘Login’ at the top-right of the DraftKings homepage


  • Click ‘Forgot your password?’


  • Enter your email and click ‘Submit’.


  • We will automatically send you an email with a link allowing you to change your password.

Am I Allowed to Create Multiple Accounts?

Users are not allowed to have more than one account. This is done to uphold our commitment to fair play and to ensure the integrity of all DraftKings contests. DraftKings users are only allowed to create and use one account.

How Do I Close My DraftKings Account?

DraftKings users do not have the ability to close their account directly. If you would like your account closed please contact our customer support team for assistance.


What Can I Use To Deposit?

  • DraftKings accepts all major credit/debit cards including Visa and MasterCard


**You may only deposit funds into your DraftKings account with a payment method registered in your name**

How Can I Increase My Deposit Limit?

Any user that wishes to have their deposit limit increased must send images of the following to  

  • UK Driving Licence or Passport
  • The front and back of the credit or debit card that will be used
  • Your DraftKings Username

How Do I Submit a Withdrawal Request?

Go to your My Account page, click on “Withdrawal” on the left hand side of the page and follow the instructions to submit your request!

What Is Your Withdrawal Policy?

Withdrawal requests must first be approved by DraftKings, after which they will be credited to the same credit/debit card or method of payment used to deposit money onto the Website dating back three months in chronological order. Users can only withdraw to a different credit/debit card or payment method not already used to make a deposit after the total amount of the previous deposit has already been released to the credit/debit card(s) or payment method(s) used for the deposit(s).

How Long Do Withdrawals Take?

Our Accounting Department processes withdrawals Monday - Friday from 9 AM-5 PM. Any withdrawal requests that come in after 5 PM on Friday will be processed in the order that they were received, starting the following Monday. Once our Accounting Department processes your withdrawal request (you'll receive a confirmation email), it typically takes anywhere from two-to-eight business days for your funds to appear in your account. If you request a cheque it can take two-to-three weeks for delivery.

How Do I Get My Deposit Bonus?

Your deposit bonus will be released in increments of £1 for every 100 Frequent Player Points (FPP’s) that you have earned. FPP’s are accrued when taking part in any paid contest on DraftKings. You don’t receive FPP’s when playing free contests. You can’t directly access your deposit bonus to enter contests. You must release it £1.00 at a time by participating in our contests. The deposit bonus is a rewards-based scheme that encourages users to play frequently in our contests.

What Is A Frequent Player Point?

Frequent Player Points (FPPs) are points you earn upon the start of every paid contest you enter on, whether you win or lose. FPPs awarded vary per contest type (displayed on the Draft page) and are not earned for playing in FREE ENTRY games. The more contests you join and money you spend, the more FPPs you earn. 

Does My Deposit Bonus Expire?

All deposit bonuses have a duration of four months from the date of the initial deposit. If your deposit bonus is set to expire before you have been able to use the entire amount, please contact our customer support team.

Do I Have To Pay Taxes on My DFS Winnings?

If you are a UK resident, you do not have to pay taxes in the UK on your winnings.



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