Jump in at Step 1 for just $2.00 and work your way to the top to win $200 in CASH.

Steps tournaments are a 4-level series of contests with continually higher buy-ins, peaking with huge cash prizes at the last step. The goal is to advance at each step by winning a ticket to the next level.

No need to worry about advancing on your first attempt, as contests also award retry tickets. Contests at each step run every day! For the impatient, you can simply buy in directly to any step so you don't have to start at the bottom.

Steps tournaments award tickets that are sport-agnostic, meaning if you win a Step 2 ticket it is valid for any MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, CFB, CBB, PGA, or SOC Step 2 contest.

Please choose the sport for the contest you wish to join:

MLB Full Steps Tournament Structure

StepEntry FeePlayersWinnings