Create a Contest - Resizing Rules

Last Updated: 8/16/2019

The following states the current rules about what contests can be resized. Contests that match these conditions will run even though they do not meet the number of entries for which the contest was initially designed. The resizing happens as at the time a contest goes live.


Only contests created with 20 entries or fewer can be resized.

Created Contest Size
Size Down To
3-20 entries 2 entries
25+ entries Cannot be resized


If a contest is resized, it will attempt to keep the same payout structure as it was initially created to have. If that prize structure is unavailable, the next closest prize structure will be chosen. The table below describes this mapping.

Original Prize Structure
Size of Contest
Resized Prize Structure
Winner Takes All Any Winner Takes All
50/50 Even 50/50
50/50 Odd Top X Split (round down to even)*
Top 2 Win 4+ Top 2 Win
Top 2 Win 2 or 3 Winner Takes All
Top 3 Win 6+ Top 3 Win
Top 3 Win 4 or 5 Top 2 Win
Top 3 Win 2 or 3 Winner Takes All
Top 5 Win 12+ Top 5 Win
Top 5 Win 6 to 11 Top 3 Win
Top 5 Win 4 or 5 Top 2 Win
Top 5 Win 2 or 3 Winner Takes All

*For example: If a 10 person 50/50 contest only receives 9 entries, the resized contest will pay out the top 4 entries evenly.


  • Only private contests can be resized
  • The option for a contest to be auto-resized will be available in the Create a Contest flow
  • If a contest is cancelled, the contest creator will receive an email explaining why
  • Recurring contests’ settings will be based off the original contest’s settings when it was created
  • Recurring contests made before July 25th, 2018 will automatically be made resize eligible when they are auto-created